His & Her Car Wedding Number Plate


Make your big day unique with our personalised wedding number plates!

Our Wedding Plates are made from a rigid acrylic plastic & backed with a vinyl the same as your standard NCT Car plates. Standard size is 20.5” w x 4.4” h. The plates are waterproof.

NOTE: It is £18 for one single plate, so if you want a set of two for the front and back of the wedding car increase the quantity to 2.

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All our wedding plates come with a pack of high tack double sided sticky pads for easy fitting. Most people stick them straight on top of the original plates already on the wedding car. But this can leave a glue on top of your original plates. We recommend putting masking tape on top of the original plates and sticking the wedding plates to the masking tape. In our experience the masking tape pulls straight off the original plates without leaving any mess behind.